New Products for a New Generation

migraine headache commercial spot imageDC MEDIA is proud to introduce our new multimedia products for the Chiropractic profession. These commercially produced spots can be used in both thecommercial television media as well as the internet utilizing the new social networking.

Exposure is very important in today’s market and getting the biggest bang for your buck is very important. You need to make your point quickly while keeping your cost low. We have recently reduced our rates for our commercially produced products to the lowest prices ever. Most of our AVI and FLASH products are 40% or more off. We realize that the economy isn’t making any kind of productive recovery yet and are willing to put our money where our mouth is. Now you don’t have to spend the bulk of your media budget on production. You can reserve it for distribution. That allows you more time on the air instead of more time in the studio.

Why would we do this? Well, to be frank, we are sick and tired of the negative, degrading exposure the Chiropractic profession is getting today and feel that if enough doctors could put media like this up on the airwaves and internet, we would see a greater influx of patients utilizing Chiropractic servicesLower Back Pain Print Ad for DC MEDIA products as well as a better understanding as to WHY they would use it.

Research has demonstrated that Chiropractic is less understood today than even 10 years ago. While professions like Acupuncture are receiving positive media, Chiropractic is receiving negative and degrading media attention and because of this exposure, when additional information comes available to confirm this negative exposure, it becomes news.

Take the time to peruse the site, it’s DCMEDIA.US. View the spots and see why they are getting attention. Some are educational, some critical and some comical but all are entertaining. What do you have to loose? Remember to look at the store pages as well so you can see how your office would appear at the tail of each spot. Buy one or buy 10, it doesn’t  matter.